Animals can’t intentionally protect the environment. Neither can insects or other creatures. As the living things with the highest intellectual capacity, humans are responsible for the planet. When talking about the environment, it’s easy to think that only big industries matter. However, you should know that anything you do has an impact on nature. So if you’re relocating, you want to make it as eco-friendly as possible. It can also reduce your move’s expenses. To help you out, below are steps on how to reduce your carbon footprints when moving.

Create a Master Plan

If normal moves require careful planning, an eco-friendly move requires, even more, to chalk out. You’ll have to take a lot of factors into consideration — how you’ll pack your stuff, what materials to use, what mode of transport to choose, and so on. To make things easier, get a notebook and create a checklist. Keep track of your objectives and complete them one by one.

You’ll have to take a lot of factors into consideration – be sure to start a list.

Hire a Green Moving Company

Executing an eco-friendly move is much easier when you have people who share the same goals helping you out. Although most moving companies are responsible enough with their operations, a select few really make an effort to avoid harming the environment. These are the kind of movers that you’re looking for. To find them, make sure you ask the right questions. What kind of packing material do you use? Do your trucks run on biodiesel? How can you guarantee a smooth experience without compromising the environment? If they can provide you confident and practical answers, don’t hesitate to schedule a move.

Start Decluttering

Welcome to the biggest step where you can make the biggest impact on your carbon footprint! Decluttering is more than just picking out which stuff to bring and to throw away. Start by organizing your entire household inventory into three groups:

  • For sale/donate
  • Recyclables
  • Junk

Having a garage sale is the best way to rid your home of unwanted belongings. Got an extra toaster? Sell it. Have your kids outgrown their toys? Sell them. The money you make can be used to purchase packing materials later on. As for the other items, do the right thing by donating them to charity. Meanwhile, examples of recyclables include old sheets that you can use later when packing. For stuff that has no use or meaning, your local junk removal company will be more than happy to take them.

Buy The Right Packing Supplies and Be Resourceful

No green moving guide will be complete without promoting eco-friendly materials. The goal here is to use as little plastic as possible. Of course, you should get your hands on recyclable cardboard boxes. You can use old linen, towels, and sheets instead of buying foam pads. In the same way, you can also wrap breakables with old newspapers. Use only bubble wraps for extremely fragile items like small appliances, musical instruments, and electronics. Pack laundry in clean trash bags. Store books in suitcases. Get creative. If you’re not sure how to pack something, leave it for the movers.

Try to Avoid Air Travel or Shipment

Although you might be financially well-off to travel by plane, please don’t do so. It will defeat the purpose of everything you’ve done so far. Aircraft produce large amounts of carbon emissions that harm the atmosphere. In fact, they contribute to about 12% of the country’s total air pollution. If you need to ship some cargo, it might be better to opt for train freight or a consolidated delivery option.

On another note, road trips are the best way to travel (unless you’re prone to motion sickness). You’ll get to see plenty of scenic views and interesting landmarks. You can cover mileage comfortably at your own pace. It’s also a great way for the family to bond together. Just make sure you get a good night’s rest before the big day.

Road trips are the best way to travel.


An eco-friendly move doesn’t only benefit the environment. Take a quick look at the steps above. Notice how everything is meant to make your relocation cost-effective. See? You’re killing two birds with one stone! It’s a win-win situation for everyone. That said, make sure you enjoy every moment of it because it won’t be a while before you have to relocate again. Drive safe!

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