For thousands of years, seafood has played a vital role in the human diet – the oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterways of the world providing nutritious sustenance to generations and generations of people. However, in more recent decades, the prevalence of commercialized fishing has led to the exploitation of natural resources as areas are overfished. This threatens the sustainability of the marine ecosystem and the thousands of species of wildlife that call our earth’s waters home. In the last 30 years, there has been an initiative to encourage sustainable, responsible fishing and aquaculture. We are most passionate about this Sustainable Seafood Movement, but are also concerned with other sustainable food practices. Sustainable food not only protects our environment and preserves food supplies for future generations, but also provides consumers with healthier foods. At Sustainable Seafood NYC, our goal is to draw the attention of the New York public to the importance of the Sustainable Seafood Movement and other important food initiatives. We encourage you to be aware of where and how your food is caught, grown, and harvested. By eating responsibly today, we preserve our earth for tomorrow.